Curtain wall and winter garden systems


In the 21st century glass facade is a part of almost every new commercial building. As a five star aesthetic perfection they are an integral part of modern architecture. Beside the good looks, the glass facade has to be energy efficient.
The larger the parts of the building covered in glass facade, the bigger is the solar heating inside the building, therefore special glazing is a necessity.
Iso glass that is installed in glass facades must have high light transmission (LT), low transmission of solar energy (g) and low heat losses, i.e. low Ug factor. With high-quality thermal insulation, the costs of heating and cooling are reduced, which further causes a reduced emission of CO2 gas into the atmosphere.
Another advantage of glass facades is reflected in its contribution to sound insulation of the entire building.
With their extraordinary properties, glass facades attract more and more customers, so in addition to business buildings, we can see glass facades on public buildings, such as clinics, cultural centers and others.


Technologically perfect aluminum systems for winter gardens and canopies have increased resistance to wind blows, high mechanical strength and excellent sound insulation.
Winter gardens expand the living space and bring the natural environment into the house, they provide us with high living comfort with low energy consumption. Expand your living room, create your favorite terrace or hobby space and use your favorite space both in winter and summer. Winter gardens are most often a favorite place to gather with friends.
In addition to residential buildings, they are also used in catering facilities, where a winter garden provides a useful and pleasant space and prolongs the use of summer gardens.
The light aluminum construction and the glazed roof provide complete protection from the weather, and at the same time provide a complete experience of the outdoor space and surroundings.


Glass facades are an integral part of modern architecture. This modern trend in the construction of business buildings represents a harmony of materials that will give your building a special look. Large glass surfaces are a source of natural light, so the glass facade is an excellent choice for buildings with different purposes.


The ventilated facade consists of composite plate material ("bond") as a final covering, which is mounted on an aluminum load-bearing substructure. The function of the ventilated facade is in the air layer with a thickness of 40-60 mm, which is located between the stone wool with a meshed glass veil attached to the wall and the "bond" covering.


Winter gardens represent an attractive and aesthetically extremely high-quality type of space that has a very widespread use and purpose. By creating a winter garden, you increase the capacity and get another pleasant space in front of your restaurant, hotel, cafe... This way, the summer garden season is extended.

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