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Modern or traditional, in intensive colours or in classical white, in full detail or simple - entrance doors are a part of your home in which you can fully express your individuality. Besides its elegant design, every entrance door should be perfectly functional and long-lasting. This is exactly the kind of entrance doors we offer - perfect technology and design according to your taste.

Fenstram entrance doors are produced from top quality aluminium systems coming from Belgian aluminium profiles manufactory Aliplast. Glass we use in our production comes from the best European glass companies such as Guardian and AGC Glass Europe in combination with decorative panels for entrance doors from Grad Export company.
We offer over 120 entrance doors decorative panels, with each panel being adjustable according to your wish.
Your door can be in classical white, or you can choose from a wide number of colours or wood decor. All decorative panels can be in colour on both sides or just one, with some of them having a two-colour/decor option for elements on one side or both. All colours are divided into two groups - standard and special, for more information check the bottom of the page.

The most attractive look is achieved with hidden sash option for entrance door. Decorative panel is inserted into specially designed aluminium sash and gives a compact and elegant appearance by making your sash almost invisible. The hidden sash option is available on one or both sides of your entrance door.

Specially designed glass types complement decorative panels and makes your entrance doors perfect. Your choice can be classical ornament or sandblasted glasses or specially designed glasses with white bevels, lead tape or exclusive crystals. All choices can be made in double or triple glazing using laminated glass for extra safety when having a door with side glass.

Besides nice appearance, very important aspect of entrance doors is security. With Fenstram entrance doors you can be safe in your home, feeling no danger from uninvited guests. There are a lot of security options for your door, some of them are three and five point locks, many electronic equipment such as keyboard, card reader, fingertip scanner and other.
You can add extra style to your entrance door with different handles, available in different material, design and colour. For more information on all additional equipment, please check the bottom of this page.


Top quality aluminium systems are used in the process of making your perfect entrance doors a guarantee for long lasting quality. We offer 3 types of thermally insulated aluminium systems, for technical details please choose a system.


We offer many different entrance door geometries designed according to your taste and preference. Different colours and glass types available. For our most wanted door variants please click the photo below.


More than 120 basic decorative panels are available to our customers with each panel having an option for additional customization. Different colours, styles and additional equipment available. Decorative panels can be in uPVCV, Aluminium or HPL material.
For our complete offer and additional technical information please choose type of decorative panels by clicking below.



Choose a lever that best fits the design of your entrance door. Our complete offer is available by clicking here.


From the wide range of handrails from renowned manufacturers, we are sure that you will find a handrail that completely suits your taste. See the offer here.

Other equipment

Complement the appearance and functionality of your front door by choosing additional equipment. See a large selection of automatic closing devices, fingerprint readers and other equipment here.


Glass plays an important role in front doors both in terms of aesthetics and security. For your Fenstram door, you can choose all types of glass in two-layer and three-layer packages. Take a look here.


The possibilities are endless! You can adapt your door to your wishes by choosing a unique color that fits the aesthetics of your home. See the color palette for front doors here.

Clever technology for clever life

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