Garage doors

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Quality garage doors are very practical and give your home a modern look and increase its value. Convenient and safe, made in accordance with European standards and using the latest technology, Fenstram garage doors are the ideal solution for your home. The 42 mm thick panels, resistant to climate changes, form an effective barrier against wind, rain and snow, so the garage door represents effective insulation for your car, especially in the cold winter months.

We offer several types of garage doors that you can open manually or with the help of an electric motor. With a large selection of panel colors, your garage door can be completely adapted to the color of the facade and the entire design of your building. There is also a large selection of additional equipment at your disposal, see more information at the bottom of the page.


Sectional garage doors are very practical due to the opening method and the fact that they take up very little space inside the garage. According to the type of purpose, they are divided into domestic and industrial.


The roller door takes up little space above the opening and rolls up compactly behind the beam. They are suitable for installation on both family and industrial buildings.


Pedestrian gate

If you need quick access to the garage space, choose the pedestrian door installation option. This highly functional solution will not damage the aesthetics of your garage door.

Additional equipment

The highest quality motors for domestic and industrial doors are installed in Fenstram garage doors. In addition to the engine, see other additional equipment at the following link.

Construction of garage door panels

See the complete range of garage door panel colors below link.

Clever technology for clever life

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