Ventilating facades make a significant contribution to the aesthetics, economy and environmental justification of buildings. With its great features such as long life span, reduced maintenance costs, high level of comfort, this type of facade has been widely used in large business buildings.

Ventilating facades are often used as an ideal and quick way to modernize and renovate old buildings in a modern way according to current construction standards, by simply adding a new cladding on its own substructure over the existing previously constructed facades.

The ventilated J Bond facade consists of a substructure and aluminum composite panels. Composite panels can be from 2mm to 6mm thick in the desired dimensions. The substructure of the J-Bond facade consists of aluminum or steel profiles. The highest quality aluminum composite panels are available in all colors according to the RAL map, prismatic colors, stone imitations, wood decors and structural colors. See the complete offer of available colors for composite panels heree.

Type Supporting structure Heat transfer coefficient Sound insulation Bending strength
J Bond Steel or aluminium 5,54 Wm²/K 25 dB 122 Mpa

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