External blinds with concealed mask

Under-facade blinds are the most attractive form of sun protection. With their appearance and quality of production, they increase the aesthetic and functional value of each object.
With simple and quick installation, this type of blind maintains the universality of installation regardless of the appearance of the facade, which has enabled it to become a leading trend in sun protection.

They are increasingly changing standard blinds and have been extremely popular in the last few years for both business and family facilities. Blinds protect your space from all weather influences, especially from exposure to the sun and unnecessary overheating. They can reduce the temperature in the building by 2 to 3 degrees.

The shutters are made of modern technical materials and can be ordered in some of the standard RAL colors, such as gray, anthracite, white and brown, which follow and fit into most modern design exteriors and interiors. All other colors from the RAL palette are also available. By regulating the angle of the slats, you can have complete control over the passage of light and privacy in your space. Blinds allow the flow of light even in the lowered state, which is a great advantage compared to "classic" blinds. Thanks to its unique shape of slats ("C" slats and "Z" slats) and robust aluminum guides, our blinds are characterized by exceptional strength and stability even in bad weather conditions, and for additional safety you can opt for the installation of ANTI WIND prochromic stainless steel cable thickness 3mm which provides protection even against the worst weather conditions.

Made of extremely high-quality materials. The blinds themselves are made of aluminum, while the strips on which the slats are attached are made of Kevlar and, accordingly, have an extremely long service life. With the advancement of technologies and the increasing construction of so-called "smart houses", we met our valued customers and provided them with all the necessary supporting equipment to make their blinds "smart". Special remotes and switches that have timers, various options and programming templates fully automated this product.

Sub-façade blinds are installed before the completion of the facades by mounting a compact box, which after installation is covered with Styrofoam and processed together with the facade of the building. They have aluminum guides with a width of 87.5 mm. It is possible to extend the 87.5 mm guide with an extension to the required thickness in order to fit into the project.

The standard thickness of the guide for blinds with box type F is 117 mm. These guides are compact with box type D, E and F. The narrow, standard guide can only be combined with box type C.
Type C box has its own supports so it does not rely on robust guides. The advantage of this box is precisely its flexibility when planning and installing blinds.

Sub-façade blinds have the option of installing an integrated mosquito net.



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