Premislide 76

PremiSlide 76 is a unique system on the market that provides new possibilities in the form of practical connection and integration of sliding window and door systems.
A big advantage over conventional sliding systems and turn-tilt windows is the minimum space it takes up when the elements are open.
Due to this feature as well as the ease of handling, where even large elements can be opened very quickly and easily, this system is suitable for public facilities such as schools and offices, and it can show its functionality in your home as well.
PremiSlide 76 is the ideal choice of sliding system even for very small rooms.

The complete construction of this extraordinary sliding system is designed to have an installation depth of only 158 mm, and a sliding sash of 76 mm.
All PVC profiles included in this system are five-chamber with the option of installing three-layer glass packages up to 50 mm thick.
This means that you can get a functional and quiet sliding system with large glass surfaces for a modern look in your home or office space.

In the standard variant, PremiSlide 76 has a thermal insulation value of Uf = 1.4 W/(m²K), which is why it is among the best in its class.

The PremiSlide 76 is designed so that, even after almost endless use of the system, it impresses with ease of handling without signs of sticking.
This system is extremely convenient for smaller rooms where classic windows would take up a lot of space when opened.

In addition to fitting the desired dimensions, the PremiSlide 76 sliding system also fits into an individual choice of color.
The standard is classic white PVC, but from year to year the demand for this colored system is noticeable. Therefore, you have at your disposal a number of different shades of metallic foils, then the color of wood or other standard foils from our program, with which you will be able to leave your personal stamp.

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